Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big News!!!

The Merge!

Have you heard about the merge happening? Remember Steph's blog post back in August? We have worked really, really hard on this merge, and we are so excited to be bringing all of the continents back under one roof  blog. We are really pumped about spreading the word and bringing in new members to help our families.

By doing this we accomplish a lot. We only have a handful of volunteers and this will really help us give you a better blog by combining our efforts. We are also able to combine our donations and be a larger help to one family each week. We get to condense our email contacts to one email. will go straight to Katie R. who is the organizational genius behind, well everything that seems organized!

We have one goal here at Give1Save1, to help families fund their adoptions. In order to do that we pull together as a community to heap blessings on these families. We each give $1 and we pass the word along through social media.

Are you a part of our readers? We need you. I know it's easy to think that your $1 doesn't make a difference, but it does. I know it also seems like an impossible thing to make a dent in a $30,000 adoption, but we can and we do.

So, here is the grand plan
This week we are merging. You are going to need to bookmark a new website address. It's going to be One big happy family. Join us. No, literally, join the membership! We have bloglovin set up on our new blog so that you can be sure to not miss a single family. 

We are updating our twitter account and will have Jennifer keeping that baby up to date. Our twitter will be Give1Save1adopt.

We are on Pinterest and have loads going on over there now.

We will have an email newsletter. It will really help condense everything in one spot and highlight our families. Sign up here,

We are going to have a week of giveaways! So, get ready to share the word about give1save1.

We are rolling out some cool Give1Save1 gear to purchase so stay tuned for that. 

Without members giving faithfully every week we are nothing. We can't make a dent without you guys. You are the most important part of what we do.

You are going to love our new blog!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Williams family update

The Williams have just accepted a referral for two boys. Two!
How exciting!! Can we help them out? Donate one dollar and share the, on your wall, twitter, google plus. Lets get the word out and help this family go get their boys!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

New family of the week- The Williams!!!

Please, welcome the Williams family to Give1Save1!!!
I kinda like them. 
There different. They stand out. They live their lives according to God's plan
not their own.
I kinda like them.

They have been rocked this past week. In their video you will see that they 
were headed to bring three sibings home from Uganda.
They even have the van to cart the whole gang in.
But, God had other plans.

I just opened their email yesterday and my heart broke for them.
The siblings were no longer available for adoption.
Now, from what I gather.
This is a good thing!!
They had a family member come back to get them.
But heartbreaking for the family that has loved them and 
now they will never meet them.

But this amazing family is moving forward, knowing
with their whole hearts that God still has His hand in this.
So, we are going to wrap our arms around them this week.
And remind them that God's ways are so much higher than ours.

Here is their video:

And here is their Pure Charity link:

Stay tuned for tidbits about their family this week!!