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Noonday Collection - jewelry
Sseko - shoes and awesome clutches
Babycakes - natural African hair and body care

The Andersons - $4,041 - awaiting referral
The Cash Family - $5,599 - preparing for court trip
The Roughtons - $4,189 - home as a family
The Seitz Family - $2,841 - received referral for twin baby boys
The Seiferts - $2,182 - received referral for baby boy
Bring Love In - $1,950 for laptop fund for the kids
The Grummers - $15,436, matched with Ana
The Greenfields - $7,078, traveling in the new year
The Smiths - $954  home as a family
The Harveys- $2,025 home as a family
The Hill Family-$538.67 home as a family
McKnights-$6,694 awaiting travel
Grahams- $5,087 awaiting referral
Burns- $1251.50 awaiting travel
Pehl Family- $298.00 received referral  for two children from the Congo
The Gilliams- $588.00 awaiting referral
The Rowdens: $191.00 waiting to travel
The Pruitts: $1,814 awaiting travel
The Whitvers: $3,160 awaiting travel
The Mauls: $1,327.00 awaiting referral

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