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If you have any questions about the project or adoption,  please email me. I’m pretty sure that was a run-on sentence. 

-If you'd like to apply to be a featured family, head over to 

create an account and click on our button and fill out our application!

You can email us at


  1. I keep looking for the post that you had "Guest Post by Jen Hatmaker" any idea where it went?

    1. sure, it's right here.

  2. I have been getting your weekly emails which reminds me to donate to the family of the week for quite some time. They suddenly stopped about a month ago...Sadly without the email reminder I forget to get on here and check each week and have missed a few :( I will re-submit my email but wasn't sure if maybe others had dropped off too. Just letting you know! :)

  3. Wanted to put my blog address here. We are beginning our journey.. adopting 3 from DRC! So excited..nervous..scared to death! LOL!
    God brought us here.. so.. here we go! Please visit us!

  4. Not figuring out how to apply to be a feature family?