Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life Books...more than just a "baby book"

I don't know about you all, but I've struggled with finding a way I can document our adoptions to our boys.  I've never been pregnant so I've never gotten to do the baby book where you write down when you felt the first kicks, found out the gender, ect. 

Recently I was at a graduation party where a baby book was on display (you know they had all the major books out there, baby book, year books) and I thought hmm...I need something like this for my boys, something that they (and others) can look back and see the journey that we've been on to become a family. 


(pardon the amazon "look inside!" I really wanted a picture to show you)

Anyway it's a memory book for adoptive families. Instead of the "we found out we were pregnant" page there's a "before you were born" page.

There's a "why we choose to adopt" page and a "your adoption story" page.  There's even a referral page where you write your emotions and put the referral picture. 

The best part for me I think, is that it could work for any age at all! And how special for them to look back a read those special emotions and feelings you were feeling as you were waiting and fighting for them to come home. 

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