Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer time blues beaters

Summer is here! We'll maybe it's here for you or it's almost here. Either way, you're probably looking for some fun ways to beat the summer blues with your kids, and we're here to offer you some great ideas on some fun and inexpensive ways to keep your kiddos entertained for these next three months.

Summer starts off as fun, leisurely days when you just enjoy one another's company and then...something changes and you feel like that Staples back to school commerical...have you seen it? It seriously cracks me up every year...

Anyway, here's to hoping you don't feel that way this summer, here's some things you can look into and see if they're offered in you're area..

1. Vacation Bible School (VBS) yes, you may remember VBS as that boring, week long thing your mom sent you to during the summer where you made birdhouses or something, but VBS has changed you guys! It's awesome! Here's what I tell my friends when I'm trying to get them to bring their kids "It's basically free babysitting for 5 nights and your kids have a blast, get a snack, play awesome games and learn about Jesus." Who wouldn't want free child care for three hours for 5 nights?! Last year my husband did the music, and he basically got rock-star status with those kid's he was affectionately named "Fly Guy" and literally had kids lining was crazy...

It looks weird right? But kids love stuff like that! That's him up there facing off aganist Fly Girl. I'm sure they both love that I posted this online...he doesn't usually have blue hair..or long hair haha. It's a wig. Ok anyway.. 

Kids love it, find a church near you and see when their VBS is, I guarantee you there is one close to you, send your kids, they'll love it.

2. See if your local movie theatre has free or discounted movies! Usually during the summer some theatres play kids movies for like $1, who can beat that?!

3. Do you have a little one who loves to get dirty? Take advantage of that! Get out some shaving cream, do shaving cream spelling on the table! Draw shapes get some academics in there and they won't even know it :) Plus, it makes your house smell nice (or like a guy if you get that kind of shaving cream) 

4.  "Paint" the house with them. Don't freak but you can mix chalk with water and it makes "paint" let them paint the house and then it'll wash right off.

5.  Have a lemonade stand! I'm a sucker for those and I stop whenever I see them but what about have a stand and have your kids work towards a cool goal, like maybe raising enough money to sponsor a child for a year, or sending the money to one of your favorite charities? I always ask kids what they're raising their money for and I've been known to drop a little more in their little jar for awesome causes.

What are you going to do with your little ones this summer? Any firsts happening? First trip to the beach? First trip to the lake? Tell us! Or, if you're still waiting, what do you want to do with your little ones when they get home?

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