Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Christmas Story, the Congo...

Not knowing much about the Congo, I checked in with my friend, Lindsey (who blogs over at Give1 Carribean) and who's in the process of adopting a little one from the DRC.  She checked in with her Congo mama's to see what everyone knew about celebrating in the Congo.  Over at the blog, Divine Moments, there's an awesome post about holidays in the Congo.  If you or someone you know is adopting or has adopted from the DRC, this post is super informative, and was lots of fun to read.  Here's what she says in an interview with a man who grew up in the Congo,  about Christmas in particular...

"Growing up in Congo, we did not have a chance to always eat a decent meal, to have decent clothes or a good pair of shoes. Christmas or "Noel" as we call it, is for us that one time of the year when we expected and prayed for clothes, shoes and most of all a bottle of coke or fanta. Yes, you read right; soda is a luxury for many in DRC and its an important part of the Christmas meal. Chicken or any meat which are expensive in major cities are always something children expect to eat for Christmas. Parents do their best in December to offer a decent meal and clothes to their children. Some decorate their houses but that's not the most important for the children. Families get together and people visit each other  and make the day a special moment. Christmas is celebrated December 25 except for the Kimbaguist church which account for about 10% of the Congolese population, their Christmas is May 25."

Ok, truth time. I'm super addicted to soda, diet Pepsi to be exact and the fact that soda is a luxury there and prayed for at Christmas time, hit me hard.  It truly is the little things, like a bottle of Coke or Fanta.  This might sound dumb, but when I enjoy my next coke or fanta you bet your stars I'll be thinking about those little ones in the Congo.

I would love for you to check out this holiday post over at Divine Moments, there's some great information not just about Christmas, but special holidays to the Congo people, and over on her blog you can find a link to donate to the children of the Congo to make their Christmas special. 

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