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Did you know that December 1st was World Aids Day? 

I don't know about you but I was encouraged by the out poor of positive truth being shared on Facebook, blogs, twitter, ect. 

I didn't know much about HIV and Aids before we entered the adoption world, and through awesome organizations like Project Hopeful, I've learned so much. I wanna take a second (or minute depending on how fast you read) to tell with you about this super great opportunity I learned about recently.  Project Hopeful offers a program called 'Hope+Sisterhood.'  

Here's what their website says about this program:

"Social stigma, lack of resources, and failing health can lead to a sense of hopelessness for mothers who are HIV+ around the world. Without options HIV+ mothers are forced to consider the unthinkable when they can no longer care for their children as they desire to. If finding alternative caretakers becomes impossible mothers are forced to either turn their children over to the mean streets or relinquish them to an orphanage. Often times orphanages will divide siblings with the hopes that by doing so they will increase their likelihood of adoption.

There is no end to the loss these families will suffer unless something changes.

The HOPE+ Sisterhood program was developed in honor of the mothers of the children of Project HOPEFUL volunteers who have died of complications related to AIDS. This program seeks to offer HOPE to HIV+ mothers and to prevent unnecessary loss for their families.

Everything begins with keeping HIV+ mothers alive and healthy so they can parent their children. With their health intact, HIV+ mothers can begin to acquire the means for self sufficiency through job skills training, micro-loans for small businesses, and a host of other resources. HIV+ mothers can also benefit from "sisters" in the US who will pray for them, write to encourage them, and stand  with them as they raise their families. If you long to make a personal connection and leave your mark for positive change in the live of a struggling mother with HIV the HOPE+ Sisterhood is for you! Project HOPEFUL invites you to partner with us as we launch our first women and children's program located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This program is created to provide holistic care as part of an integrated response to the needs of HIV infected mothers and their children. The Addis Ababa program has already obtained the full approval of the Ethiopian government, secured the facilities, and is simply awaiting financial support to begin operations.

The HOPE+ program will provide a residential facility for up to 14 women infected with HIV and their children (HIV positive and not positive). Our goal is to rehabilitate them with medical and emotional care, provide job skills training, employment within in our facilities, and even micro-loans to begin their own small businesses so that they can secure a safe and stable future for their families. The children will also receive medical care, clothing, and an education.

Through the creation of the HOPE+ Sisterhood Project HOPEFUL wants to encourage American women they CAN offer real hope and support to their HIV+ sisters in Ethiopia, and around the world. We invite you to form a relationship with an HIV+ mother and help provide her the resources she desperately needs to change the trajectory of her children's lives. Help divert a family off the path of hopelessness and onto the path of stability by raising funds for this program; become HOPE+ yourself!"

So, isn't that so cool! Do you know what that means? With the right medical care, an HIV+ mother is able to NOT pass the virus onto her unborn child.  That's the thing, here in the US, we have access to medications that can stop the virus from being transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy. Did you read that? Stop the spread. With this program, we can help mothers in Ethiopia and around the world.  
Think about it, sponsor a mama.  Write to her, encourage her, make a connection with her.  This could be life changing, seriously.  

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Maybe for Christmas this year, your family can sponsor a mama through this program.  Talk about a gift that gives back.  

Want more information?? Email the  Hope+ Sisterhood Director Nancy Porter at

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