Monday, March 25, 2013

An Update from the Boutins

Hey guys, bear with me. We're a little behind this week. How about an update to hold you over? Remember the Boutins. They were our first Asia Family of the Week and we featured them right here. Here's how things are going now that Aaron is home with them:

Our journey to our son was long, and sometimes very painful.  But I must tell you how very faithful our heavenly father is!!  We didn't have the agency fees to send our dossier, but through give1save1 we raised $5,300 and were able to proceed!!  Several times after airing our give1save1 video, we were told that we could not continue.  His birth certificate with "baby boy" as the name resurfaced a problem for the second time, and we were told he was not going to be able to be adopted.  God moved mountains and he was able to get a passport without a name change.  We were not granted our I-800 approval because US immigration did not like the documents that were sent from the philippines with our accepted referral.  We prayed for another month and the same officer that said no previously, changed her mind with no other documents submitted.  We were delayed with the ICAB closing for training and then the Christmas holiday closings.  Then there were the ridiculously expensive tickets for January.  But each step of the journey our heavenly father carried us, strengthened us, opened doors, and provided miraculously!!!!  Our hearts desire was to get our son as a family....God provided!!  Our hearts desire was to go to our son's church with him and his orphanage family...God opened doors!!  Our hearts desire was to bless our son's loving orphanage with donations and supplies...once again, we did not have the funds...but God miraculously provided!!!!  

We traveled AS A FAMILY to get Aaron the middle of January.

The first time I got to wrap my arms around my son!!

Our family of five ready for church

Shopping for 9 carts of groceries to bless the orphanage!!!  

If you are interested in is a video of our welcome home at the airport:)

Thanks for the updates! I love to see these kids come home!!!

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