Friday, March 22, 2013

John's Sleep Nook

This is the most creative use of space I've seen, and I LOVE this kind of thing. The truth is, my kids pretty much only sleep in their room. For all the toys and decorations and books and all that, all of my kids can be found where I am, in the kitchen or living room. That's why I love John's little sleep nook. Ashley made a hall closet with two sliding doors into Baby John's room. Cute and functional.

"My husband & I picked out the perfect apartment when we first got married.  In the mornings we can smell the (pacific) ocean air, we live (literally) 2 minutes away from Target, Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble, three Starbucks, Nordstrom Rack, two Jamba Juices, Corner Bakery, our church, and two parks...just to name some of the awesomeness close by!  So when we brought John John home we had to get creative with space!  The average price of a home on our street is $850, if we wanted to buy a house we'd have to leave our beautiful little neighborhood & that's just outta the question!  We decided our little man could take over the hallway closet!  We jazzed it up a bit, with help from Rubbermaid fabric containers, some wallpaper I found for $2 at Marshall's and thrift store finds & IKEA storage.  Here is the little man's "nook" where he sleeps & his stuff is stored. 

Note: The closet door on the pack n' play side always stays open! haha, we're crazy but not cruel! "

If you've got a room to share, shoot me a picture! We'll definitely be making this a regular installment. I've got more rooms to show you, but I'll spread 'em out. Send design pics to! 

And hey, guess what? The Wallaces are at $1,672! Nice job, guys! 

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