Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Challenge

I have realized over the last week how even some of my own family members don't know about Give1Save1. What?!? I know. I was shocked myself. 

How many people do you know that are actual members of Give1Save1? Are you spreading the word? Half of our mission here is to spread the word. If we don't get our families names out there then we are limiting our pool of donors for them. 

Here is my challenge to you. Spread it. Recruit friends and family. You never know who in the world has missed those status updates completely.

Can you email your close friends?
Do you have a blog and can do one big post about us over here?
Here is the link to our About Page:
Can you comment back here and let us know what you are doing to spread the word about Give1Save1?

Oh and please, please, please, if you know of a family adopting send them our way!!!

Keep sharing about the Maloney Family this week!

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