Monday, August 5, 2013

New Week, New Family! Meet the Hopkins!

You guys, I want you to meet this family. They are awesome! Meet The Hopkins! 

Ok, so get this..they're leaving NEXT WEEK! To get their FOUR girls! Yes, that's right, you read correctly...FOUR girls to their already awesomely large family. I love it. You know what, I'm gonna challenge you this week, I want you to give at least $4 (or more, definitely more if you feel led) to bring home these four little girls. We all know adoption is expensive. Super ecpensive. and we can help take some of that burden off. Imagine me literally on my knees, begging you for $4, ok got that image in your brain? Now do it, give this family $4 (at least!) and SHARE their amazing story!

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