Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Check in

Phew. We started back up with schooling and it's grueling. As a family we homeschool our kids and this year we have three in school. One who is still learning the language.

Apparently, it's harder than I anticipated to practice your letter sounds when, well you can't make those letter sounds. I never realized how much B,C,D and E and G sound alike until today! Good night, but English is a hard language. However, I still contend that Chinese was harder...

Have you found any helpful teaching tools for teaching English as a second language?

I found this:
It looks really helpful with all kinds of printable worksheets and flashcards!

This one says there is a $25 membership fee. Has anyone used it before me?

Help a girl out. Anyone, anywhere have some great links/websites/donotpanicadvice

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