Monday, August 12, 2013

New Week-Meet the Bilbrucks

We're up and running...kind of. Blogger is not liking me right now and I have no idea why. I'm not a computer person, at.all. But I'm determined to bring you the Bilbrucks and their precious adoption. So, I phoned a friend! Tonya from our Asia page is going to save the day and copy and paste this baby today. So, forgive us if things aren't lined up perfectly or looks funny. Without further nonsense I bring to you.....

You guys must go read their blog. Something about it just draws you in and you can't stop reading it! Lynsey is so down-to-earth honest about this entire process. I love it. I love seeing other people willing to put themselves out there like this.

I'm kind of dying to see the face of Rubie Grace!
Malachi is precious, absolutely precious.
Did you catch that they are bringing home not one, but two sweeties? Two.
Double fees, double stress.

That's where we get to come in. I love this part. Give1Save1 exists for families like this one.
We remind them to place their fears aside and cling to hope.
Every dollar that we give reminds them that they are not alone.
We are fighting with them to get these babies home.

So, watch their video. Try not to cry.
Head to their blog and over on the right hand side find the donate button.
For now, head to paypal and donate to the Bilbrucks.
 (there is a golden button on the right hand side that says, "donate.")

Remind them of hope.

...I'll keep you posted on the pure charity link.

Bilbruck Adoption from Memory Productions LLC on Vimeo.



  1. Thank you for featuring my dear friends!! So excited for them that they got chosen to be featured this week when they JUST received 72 hours notice to be in Ethiopia! They are meeting their sweet babies as I type this! xoxo

  2. The Pure Charity Link is up now.