Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blessed and Lucky

I was watching the Jensen family’s video to find inspiration for my blog post this week. Amidst Natalie Merchant’s (or was it 10,000 Maniacs?) “These Are Days”, my eyes were welling up at the sheer beauty of this family. First there were four kids…then three more…and now they’re going to add FIVE more siblings…for a grand total of 12 kids. By my math, that is 12 kids to feed, 12 kids to clothe, 12 beds to make, at least 12 annual doctor visits, etc...

Overwhelming? Gosh, yes.

But that’s also 12 kids to hug before school each morning. 12 sets of eyes from which to witness the magic of Christmas. 12 birthdays to celebrate. 12 lives to witness and nurture. 12 gifts to love. 12 reasons to make life immeasurably richer.

Imagine how different those 12 lives would have been if the Jensens didn’t know how blessed and lucky they were...blessed enough to give more and more of themselves to create such an amazing family.


If you’re feeling blessed or lucky or just in a giving mood today, please bless the Jensens by hitting that red donate button.

Enjoy the blessings of your weekend. - Lindsay


  1. awesome post! and i love that song. and look at you all surfing pinterest! :)

  2. LOVE this post. Thank you! We ARE blessed, and certainly lucky.
    I loved that song when it first came out, then it was the title song for "Cheaper By The Dozen" in like 2003, the year our 4th child was born! I call that foreshadowing ;)

  3. ha, i always think of cheaper when i hear that song! that's our family favorite movie :)