Friday, February 24, 2012


Hey All!

Guess what?! We were just featured in Docica magazine! Now, I was pretty thrilled when asked about being included in this month's issue (mostly because it was a magazine, and that's super cool!), but I was delighted when the issue published and I got to read it. The article about us and our little community we've got going on here was great, but I'm here to tell you about a few more gems. You see, I'd never heard of Docica. Have you? It's a 'simple living magazine about real beauty'. That's how they describe themselves and it's just perfect. You've got to check them out. We're talking fashion, home decor, recipes, and features on beautiful real women. This month is the adoption issue and there are some great articles. There's even one about the Waymans, one of our families from way back. So go check it out and bookmark it. This is one I'll be keeping an eye on!


  1. I have never heard of Docica but I love the idea behind it. So awesome that you got included in it!!!