Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shop for a Cause

Happy Valentine's Day, you guys! I'm in love with some stinking adorable adoption fundraiser necklaces. Have you guys seen these?

This one is my fave, I think. Very Valentine-y.

But these are cute too.

If you'd like to support another adoption, then head on over here and buy one. That is after you give to the family of the week, the Kulenkamps. You did that, right?  And you know, with it being Valentine's Day and all, a really awesome way to express love is to support an orphan (well two, actually) in someone else's name. If you need something cute for a last minute gift, just donate to the Kulenkamps to clear your conscience and then right click this cute little image and email away. Or facebook or whatever you do.

1 comment:

  1. i donated $30 and would like two of the "oneless" necklaces - one in each color please. if you can't send one in each color, please email me and i will make a different selection. thank you, and may God give you great joy in your journey!

    (shipping info provided via my paypal)