Friday, February 3, 2012

Family Updates

My goodness, what an amazing week this has been for the Elders and the little kiddo they are waiting to meet! It is so inspiring to see so many people rally around our families each week and help them provide homes and families to more and more orphans.

Some of the previous Give1 families have also had wonderful news in their adoptions…

Remember the Whitis family? They welcomed their biological son, Finn, a few months ago. And the just got a referral for another boy –  a toddler! But check out this picture…

They got their referral a year to the date after they found out they were pregnant with Finn. So fun!

Next, the Knight family finally welcomed home their daughter! We all fell in love with little Emme, and we are so thrilled she is finally in the loving arms of her forever family. (Wynne Elder is also Mama Knight’s friend, and she took this picture at Emme’s homecoming.)

Last, remember the Mowen family? They adopted little Jacob last year. When they were in Ethiopia, they met 10-year-old Isaiah and just knew they wanted to be his parents, too. They found out Isaiah had a baby brother and started the adoption process all over again, not even knowing if they could adopt these brothers. Long, amazing story short, they passed court, and they are all officially a family!

Check out this video (especially their reunion at about the 2-minute mark). Mama Mowen has been in Ethiopia with the boys since before Christmas, and they are just waiting for clearance from the US Embassy (and plane ticket money) before they can all come home.

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  1. LOVE LOVE this!!! The Lord is awesome in the way he provides!

  2. it's awesome to see all these cool updates! congrats to everyone!

  3. i so love reading these!