Monday, July 29, 2013

New Week New Family, The Rogers!

Hey guys,
First off I just wanna say thanks for last week, being on "this side" of the featured families sure was fun, and my husband and I were so humbled and the love and support we felt.  Now, I have an awesome new family that you can shower love and dollars on ;) Meet the Rogers!

They're in the process of adopting from Uganda! They have four little ones at home already and are hoping they're matched with siblings! Here's another little side note, they're also pastors.  I have a soft spot for them because well, my hubby is too! They're praying that they can be an example to their congregation to step up and care for the fatherless. I love it. It's time to step up and bless this family.  They are leading others in their church and faithfully serving and blessing.  It's time to bless them!


  1. I wish we knew more about siblings! They only talk of Isaiah in the video, but the siblings is mentioned...We are also adopting from Uganda and are hoping to be matched with siblings!

  2. We are matched with a sibling group of three in Uganda! They had two more groups at the orphange in May. I look at my four sitting on the sofa beside me and can't imagine them not being together! Can't qait until all 7 are sitting there :)