Thursday, September 12, 2013

Buy Mosquito Nets For Babies!

Hey there! We have an opportunity for you to help in a BIG way.  Hear what a former Give1Save1Africa mama, Ashley Haden, has to say about what's going on in Africa, where her child currently lives.  She's in the midst of her second adoption and is asking for our help.

"There are 31 babies that need mosquito protection nets in this orphanage! My lofty goal is that perhaps we can provide each child with a net for their crib/sleeping space. This will reduce their chance of being bitten by a disease carrying mosquito at night by up to 90%! The nets I am purchasing are World Health Organization endorsed and insecticide treated (necessary for full protection) and cost $13/net. I will order them personally, receive them at my house and ensure they are delivered to the orphanage. If we end up with more net donations then we need I will use any excess to order wind-up (no batteries required) flashlights (Cost is $10 for 2 flashlights on There are very frequent power outages and the "mamas" that care for the children are finding it very difficult to feed bottles and care for sick babies in the middle of the night with no power. Thanks for helping these babies!"

Okay, I know you're already on board and ready to donate.  Get on your paypal and send a gift (remember, by choosing "sending $ to fam/friends"  you can avoid the fees)  Send your gift to: 


Let's go ahead and buy all 31 babies a net. It can truly save their lives 

Thanks so much!

(visiting from Asia's page!)


  1. Thank you for posting this, Tonya!! I love watching God rally His believers together to change the lives of children around the world!! Ashley is AWESOME!!! Love this initiative so much!

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