Monday, September 9, 2013

This week

This week we do not have a new family. Gasp.
Ahh. I know. 
But I'm focusing on getting things organized and ready
for our big merger coming in the next few weeks.
It's going to be awesome. 

Here are a few fun things for the week:
Check out our Pinterest boards!
(Single) Parent Travel Tips - good ideas for all parents traveling with kids, not all apply to adoption trip but many will
Katie R. has been working like crazy getting those boards 
filled. There are playlists and books and fundraising ideas, and grant information!

Go back and review our past families and pick one to be YOUR family of the week:

Go head over to my old friend Asia's page:

Stay tuned this week for new and exciting things going on all around Give1Save1!!

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  1. wow! the pinterest boards are amazing!!! Thank you, Katie, for gathering all of these resources! awesome stuff!!