Monday, September 23, 2013

New Family of the Week, The McDaniel's!

I want to start this week out by thanking all of you that follow us. I recently saw a blog post that brought me back to the orphanage in China that I visited with our new son. It brought me back to that moment of seeing hundreds of faces with eyes that had lost their sparkle and hundreds of voices screaming out to us. In that moment everything I knew of this world fell to pieces. I broke in that moment. Broke.

There exists in the world a strong apathy towards these children. It's as if we want to forget they exist. But here at Give1Save1 we are fighting back. You come back week after week to prove the world wrong. You remind the world that there is strength in numbers and every single week we come back and we battle the apathy. We shine light on the darkness that threatens the children. I am so encouraged by every single one of you. Your dollar is so much more than a dollar.

This week I'm pleased to introduce to you Tim and Megan McDaniel. They are in the final stages to bring home their daughter from Ethiopia. She is turning four years old soon!                                                     
McDaniel Adoption Story from Tim McDaniel on Vimeo.

This is their third adoption as a family. Talk about fighting back! This sweet family is so ready and eager to bring their daughter/sister home. Sena is her name and she has an army behind her. Her siblings have done everything they possibly can to pull their own weight and have willingly sold their own belongings.

I love when children are involved. There is a purity in what they are doing that reminds us of the heart of God.

Sweetness surrounds this family. I was here to encourage them and instead they ended up encouraging me with their patience and sweet spirits. Sometimes you come across a family and they just leave an imprint on your life. That is the McDaniel family.

The McDaniel family has done everything they possibly can to get to their daughter and bring her home. Right now they need us. They need us to remember that Sena is not just another face in a sea of thousands. Sena is beautiful and real and she has a family fighting to get her home.

Let's band together once again this week and help bring Sena home.
Head over to Pure Charity and donate $1 to their family fund. And if you want to really be a rebel...skip the $1 and give a little more. :)

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