Monday, September 2, 2013

The Schmid Family!!!

Have you ever seen pictures of a family and they just made you want to meet that family?
That's the Schmids. Hilarity spills out of their family photos.

Anyone that is awesome enough to post pictures like this on their blog is 
someone I want to meet and spend the day with and laugh until our bellies hurt.

They once lived in Michigan. Um...hello, move back please? Let's hang.
Or at least strategically plan our next April fools day together.

In case you are still holding out on their awesomeness 
here is their video.

Our Adoption from Jennifer Schmid on Vimeo.

Dance Party? 
For the love!!!! Move home. Michigan is calling your name.
So, bottom line? The Schmids rock.
They are still waiting on a referral for a little one from Africa.
They need our help to finish this journey.
Pure Charity?
Not feeling Pure Charity? It's okay!
We have access to paypal too.
Blog with paypal link in the right column?

Boom. The Schmid family.
To whom I have an unhealthy attachment. 


  1. Love this family, Katie, but I'm somewhat prejudice. I LOVE your blog, too! Carry on and God bless you for your efforts and as you conintue to walk this journey.
    Mom and Grandma Wilke

  2. Jen has been one of my best friends since the days of high school and I can validate that the vibe you get from these pictures is authentic.

    Thanks for featuring them on your blog. Love all three of them and can't wait to meet the fourth.

  3. Get this baby here already! WOW. I don't think I can wait anymore!

    And then I have to wait and hope that I will ever be able to hold this sweet sweet bundle of baby! Tragic.

    I will have to leave that up to you. I wish I could see you (at all for that matter) in an airport coming home with him...just to see your face after the initial meltdown.

    Tony. You have to take this picture for my memory. If you do anything .... please take this picture. For me. It doesn't even have to go on Facebook. Just text it to me from ORD. Yes, I'm begging.