Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Madness

Here I am. Your amazing writer/blogger. You laugh with me, cry with me and advocate with me. Today let's all allow our faces to hide in shame. 
I goofed. Again.
I thought I was being all organized (not my strong point) and emailed the families that I have waiting for a spot on Give1Save1. I marked them all on the calendar for the next three weeks. Score. I was ready for the month of October to begin.

Then, I got this email: Hi Katie, We were featured last week and it was an amazing blessing! Thank you!

Um, tell me I did not just email my family from last week? I did.
Head hanging in shame.

Really, I do remember all the faces.
I'm just terrible with names.and organization.

I worked myself up completely wondering how to fix this one when I realized that maybe God has a purpose in my madness. Maybe the Heppner's could really use a boost. And guess what? They can!

I worked myself all up over this wondering if people would be upset because they didn't get two weeks or because they already gave this family $1. But you know what? I know you guys. You are all awesome and have hearts of gold. You want to help these families. This family still needs around $7,000.

So, I'm just going to go with it! I already messed it up so lets see how amazing we can make this week for the Heppners...again. :)

What are we going to do about that $7,000? People, let's erase it.
The link above takes you to their donation page! Do it.

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