Friday, September 14, 2012

6 More States Left!

So this is one of my favorite emails ever from Angela, the mom of the week. Check it out!


So, I have to tell you, this week with  adding $2,000 has been incredible, but honestly, we have raised closer to $14,000 total through give1save, just not all this week. We put the video together and shared it and started sharing it. It has caught speed and momentum and we are going to be fully funded before we go to get our kids! We are so thankful for your concept and would have NEVER done anything like this without your leadership in doing this. One thing we have done in addition to give1save1 is added that we are trying to raise at least $1 from all 50 states. We only have 6 more states to get $1 from. My kids have been "pinning" M&M pins to a map and we keep people updated this way. I included one of the pictures of the map. We also have 9 countries. CRAZY cool for them to see this many people loving on our children and helping to bring them home. 

Thank you for you ministry with give1save1. It is amazing! We are at $2167 as of right now. 

I leave for my embassy appointment on the 26th. The appointment is the 1st. We will be bringing M&M home next month! 
I know you are waiting for your embassy appt. I will be praying for you through this waiting time! The waiting is brutal and we only started the process April 4th. I really can't complain since it will only be a little over 6 months from first walking in the adoption agency doors to bringing the kiddos home.

We are blessed!
Have a great weekend!

Our last 6 states!


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