Friday, September 7, 2012


OK, guys, we're down to the wire. On Wednesday we were submitted to Embassy and also found out that Jude has pneumonia. I freaked. I was ready to hop a plane. Apparently that was not necessary. One of our friends who was there on their Embassy trip took this...

Yeah, it looks like he's doing ok! In fact, I think he might be faking it. Not only that, but look! He's sitting up! We didn't know if he would ever do that at all, and there he is! I adore his nannies. I love this kid. He amazes us, and everyone else, all the time. 

So the scoop is that we have a medical expedite for him given his special needs, and now pneumonia. It hasn't been very speedy until we were submitted, but we are catching up now. Yesterday they emailed to tell us that they are working as fast as they can. Today they emailed to say that they wanted to do an interview with the police officer involved with his abandonment case, but would do it over the phone. Today's a half day for them, so it's all done for the day, but if they can reach the officer and get the answers they are looking for (I have no idea what they would be), we'll be cleared really soon! Pray, my favorite people, because God loves you and hears your prayers. Obviously. It's working. Thank you. I love you! 

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  1. Oh, I'm praying that Embassy clearance comes through SOON! How wonderful that your little guy is sitting - he has grown a bunch since I saw him on the WCL!
    I only just now realized that you are the Give 1 Save 1 person - I hadn't made that connection. What a wonderful gift you are giving other adoptive families!
    I also love all your new paintings on your other blog... keep up the wonderful work!
    (from MossyRockDesigns)