Thursday, September 6, 2012


I think it's safe to say mamas of all kids, biological and adoptive, go through a period of nesting during their pregnancy or paper pregnancy. We've all heard it before and have an idea of what nesting means, but I thought it would be interesting to see what the dictionary would describe as nesting. 

My favorite description was this: To create and settle into a warm and secure refuge.

We've seen the fruits of Beth's recent nesting labor (if you haven't, you should seriously check it out, Jude is one lucky little man). I think most people recommend waiting until you're close to traveling to prepare the actual nursery or room because it can be pretty emotional during the waiting process, but it doesn't mean we can't spend this period being productive!

I typically pride myself on being an anti-pack rat. We have one small room in our basement where we store our holiday decorations, camping/hiking/sporting gear and other miscellaneous this. Apparently I didn't really appreciate this "miscellaneous" problem as much as I should have. I was appalled when Nick pulled out a bag of random items that were clearly a last minute pack from our move to Colorado from North Carolina (I am embarrassed to admit that was over three years ago!) that we haven't even looked at since. Needless to say, our trash bin is full this week and we've got a pretty good yardsale pile going.

I've been scouring Craigslist looking for storage shelves. Although it really wasn't unorganized down there, I wanted to be able to pull out each bin to get to items easily. Sure, home organization isn't as much fun as decorating our girl's room, but Pinterest is holding some great ideas for me until we get to that point. I know if nothing else it will feel pretty good to have our basement storage looking good! How have you been passing the time during the infamous waiting period? I hope we run out of projects sooner rather than later; this is hard work!

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