Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This is How Men Nest

It's true, men do some nesting when it's time for a baby to arrive too. Is Brandon scrubbing the floors? Nope, not so much. A little decorating? Remodeling a bit. But no, his nesting is taking shape in the form of cigars. You know how men have that darling tradition of celebrating a new arrival with a smoke? Well, Brandon's taken it way farther. He's started making his own cigars (last year), and he's perfected the craft so well that they now sell his cigars in a local shop. Well, he made some for when Jude gets home.

He also made some for another couple that we traveled with. He decorated the box with their son's initials and is sending them to his cigar loving daddy!

Aren't they lovely? I have to admit, I never knew it could be such a pretty craft, and I do like the smell of the leaves. NOT the smoke. But the leaves smell nice. :)

On a little sidenote: I hope you guys aren't getting crazy bored with my life, but I'm scaling waaaay back on internet, a bit of a fast - and I'm not scouring the web for stuff to show you. It's all original content for a bit. Hang with me. Or send me a post!


  1. Those are beautifully crafted and as I know from personal experience that Brandon rolls a perfect blend. I want to congratulate the Cupitt's on there new edition, and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Jude to America and the Cupitt household (fine spiced rum and a cigar from the Jude collection). I am truly honoured to have friends as great as the clan Cupitt.

    1. thanks, phil! fine spiced rum, huh? i'm in.