Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I bring you fun news!

Hey guys!

Sooooo, has the shock worn off yet? Are you guys still kind of in a fog that Beth's stepping back a little? Me too actually. It's totally been a whirlwind last week or so talking with Beth and learning all it is she actually does.  She does a lot guys, she's pretty awesome and she loves you all a lot
 I wanted to write you all a quick little note to you I'm so honored to be able to walk along with you all, whatever stage in life you're at, I'm sure we all have something in common.  For example, I love Etsy and Pinterest.  Anyone else? Well, check out 
Some of her work been circulating around Pinterest for a few days and I hopped on over to her Etsy shop and there are some beautiful prints there, these are a few of my faves...

AND right now she's offering a FREE 8X10 print with every purchase! Say what?!
 That's right guys, it's a BOGO deal over there, and her prints are totally affordable, so you can pick one out for yourself and get one (for free!) for a special friend or family member (or keep them both, whatever your fancy) 

Anyway, happy Wednesday all, I'm so excited to be a part of such a fun group!


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