Monday, November 26, 2012

New Family - The Greenfields

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. And now all the Christmas fun can start!

This weeks' family is a little bit amazing. The Greenfields are living in Jordan. They are now in the process of adopting twin girls from the DRC. Rachel, our mama, can tell you their story far better than I can.

For Nathan and I, adoption has always been something we felt would be a part of our family story.  On our very first date, our concern and desire to care for orphans very naturally flowed into our conversation.  Although we weren’t sure HOW exactly caring for orphans would be a part of our journey, we trust God would make it clear in His timing.

Four years into our marriage, we welcomed our firstborn, Noah Arend, into the world on May 7, 2008.  We were absolutely mesmerized by our precious baby boy and were thrilled to become parents.  Less than two years later, we were overjoyed to welcome our little princess, Mercy Elizabeth, into our family and found ourselves captivated once again.

When Mercy was just four months old and I was still suffering through sleep deprivation from a stubborn little diva who was NOT interested in sleeping through the night, God very clearly directed Nathan and I to welcome an abandoned newborn into our home.  Although our decision didn’t make much sense on a logical level, as I bounced back and forth between diapers, baby bottles, work, and other demands, I would find myself staring at sweet Maleah and know that God was doing something big.
In the days and months that followed, we were on a roller coaster of ups and downs emotionally.  It was in that time that God spoke to us in an intimate way through His Word.  The passage found in Isaiah 58:6-12 came alive in our lives and challenged our hearts in significant ways.  

Some of you who know us personally, know bits and pieces of the story of Maleah, but in all honesty, there was so much that happened in those months that we could not express in words.  there was new life breathed into us as we cared for this sweet child.  There was a fire lit in Nathan’s spirit as he sought to be a voice for one without a voice.  I watched my husband come alive in strength and vigor.  We saw miracles happen, in Maleah’s life AND in ours.  Our entire family was changed, right to the very core of who we were.  The Greenfield family post-Maleah is not the same as it was before she arrived, and for that reason alone, we are grateful for her presence in our life even if it ended long before we wished it had.
God used that time to increase our faith and strengthen our resolve to help those in need.  It was in this time that He confirmed to our hearts that our next child would be brought into our family through adoption.
In April 2011, we began the adoption process and after many, many months of waiting, in August 2012 God gave us more than we could ever think or imagine when He blessed our family with TWIN girls!  In October, we flew to the Congo to meet our precious girls for the first time and every moment with them was a treasure.  We cherish the memories we made together.  

We are currently awaiting our court date, which is projected to be sometime toward the beginning of November.  While we are anxious to get our girls home, we are relying on the promises of God to help ease the ache of our hearts.  He has been faithful each step of this journey, and we have no doubt He will continue to be faithful to complete the work He has started.

Thank you for this opportunity to share our story on Give 1 Save 1.  When we began our adoption journey, we looked at the expenses and knew there was absolutely no way apart from God that this adoption could take place.  He has been generous in HIs provision and we have had what we needed at every point we have needed it.  PRAISE GOD!  Our next major payment is due immediately following our court hearing, and we are trusting God to provide the remaining agency fees and travel money.

God bless you Give 1 Save 1!!  You are a blessing to so many people!

Rachel Greenfield

OK, guys, you know what to do. Please remember that they are working in a foreign country. They have been obedient to God, and we are going to have to be as well. Let's take care of this money thing for them, shall we? On this Cyber Monday when the rest of the world is on their computers buying a bunch of stuff we don't really need, lets invest in this family.


  1. The Greenfields are the best and their babies are so precious! Can't wait til they can bring them home!