Monday, November 12, 2012

New Week - The Grummer Family

Hey guys,

This week we've got another European family on the blog. Well, they're not European, but their adoption is. Anyhoo, we still don't have a Europe blogger and we have a LONG list of Give1 families ready to roll on there, so if ya know anyone... Just sayin'...

So, say hello to the Grummer family (yeah, you're going to want to hit that blog next). They are adopting a darling little girl named Ana. Their friends adopted her biological sister, Lana. The Grummers have three other gorgeous girlies, so it's going to be a girl party over there. They made us a beautiful (like super gorgeous, make you weep pretty) video. Trust me and watch it.

Ana is HIV positive, and has a FIG fund set up for her. You can donate through that by clicking here, then the paypal button. Thanks so much. I bet you're feeling extra generous right before Thanksgiving, right? :)

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