Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Retirement Post

Hey guys,

I bet you saw this coming. I wasn't sure which graphic to use. This was maybe appropriate.

I feel like I really have been faithful with the blog. I knew it would be big and really impact lots of families. It's not there quite yet, but I'm stopping before it's climax because, well... (and here's the graphic that mostly applies...)

You know where I'm coming from? I'm trying to run my house, my art business, and the blog and there's just not enough of me to do it all well. And while I'm blogging about the orphan crisis in Africa, my own former-orphan cries for me to get off the computer. 

So, the thing for me to do is pretty clear at this point. I've got to pull back on the blog just a bit. I'm still very much here, just behind the scenes. And I'm still going to be blogging once a week or so starting in January. For the rest of the year you guys are going to get to know your new blogger, though you probably already know her. ;)

Steph Nunes is going to be the new voice of the Africa blog. She's young and fun and stylish; you're just going to love her. She's so perfect. You'll be getting to know her more in the coming month before she takes over full time, but you can pop over to her blog right now and give her a sweet word of encouragement. And you can always pop over to my blog to keep up with us and whatever hair brained scheme I've got going on. I'm not out of here yet. We'll do it nice and slow and we have such similar tastes and styles that you won't even notice the change. Steph is handling all the new families now, so contact her if you're interested in being a featured family. All of you lovelies that emailed me offering to help with the blog (there were alot and I haven't got a chance to respond to everyone yet), I adore you! We're going to keep your names and emails and Steph will email you when she needs some help. I love you all so super much! 

Oh, and by the way...


  1. sad that you are stepping a way... but i love steph. met her here of give 1 and adore here.

  2. Enjoy your time with the fam! Of course, they are your number 1 priority. We are so grateful for the effort and labor that you have put into Give1Save1, for the influence that it was on my heart, for the influx of funds that it provided for our adoption last November and for the easy way to share with others how they can help care for orphans. (Run-on, I know.)

    You have blessed and inspired so many! Thank you, thank you, thank you!