Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Overwhelmed for the Holidays

Good morning, guys! I'm so excited to tell you about this little gem. I've been really excited and just waiting for the right time to take this particular webinar, Overwhelmed for the Holidays. It's about helping your adopted child navigate our crazy time of year, especially those with sensory issues (which is actually many, many, maybe even most of our littles). Adoption Learning Partners was sweet enough to let one of our readers take the class for free so she could tell us about it. But then they decided to make it free for everyone during the month of November!!! So go go go and take this class this week. The holidays are in our lap. Two weeks to Thanksgiving, y'all!

Speaking of holidays, I've got a few shameless plugs in the Christmas gift category. Our t-shirts are almost gone, and they would make a great gift for some of your Africa lovin' peeps. They are so cute, but selling t-shirts is kind of a pain, so I won't be restocking these babies. They are $18 shipped and I'll ship them to Antarctica or Canada or Puerto Rico or anywhere. In fact, I might anyway if y'all don't buy them because I really need my closet space back.

Also, I've been painting art girls for a bunch of people's Christmas gifts. I know we have 7 more weeks, but I'm only going to be painting until December. Then I'm going to chill out because I love it so much. So if you want to have an art girl made for your daughter, mom, sister, best friend, teacher, whatever, they are $25 in my etsy shop. Just pick your color and verse. Here are a few that are already done, some still need verses, but I thought I'd let you pick.

Christmas is coming and I'm thinking we can really tone it down this year and help it be a peaceful, meaningful time this round! 

PS. We've helped our 'family' of the week, Bring Love In, bring $1400 in! Have you donated yet? It would mean so much to those kids!


  1. Aww, my little guy has Sensory Processing Disorder, so I'll definitely watch this webinar!!

  2. oh these art pieces are amazing!! you are so talented