Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pumpkin Bread Fundraiser

Hey guys,

I wanted to let you know about the most brilliant fundraiser ever. I think so anyways. So, on Monday, Shannon did a great post on the Domestic site about fundraising. They've managed to raise a few hundred bucks with this fundraiser before and I think it's fan-flippin'-tastic. She (and some volunteer friends) bake up a bunch of loaves of pumpkin bread and deliver or ship before Thanksgiving. Each loaf is $7+shipping if you need it. Profit is about $5 a pop. That's not a bad cut and *bonus* your house smells awesome. If you'd like to order some (I'm about to!!!) and send them as sweet greetings or as a little something for yourself, email Shannon at ajourneyoflove@gmail(dot)com to get yours. Shannon, dear - fire up your oven!!!

And can I take a sec to encourage you to pop in on some of the other blogs from time to time? We are all SO different, but it's awesome like that. Look over on your left. See that button that says 'back to the map'? It'll take you to all of our blogs. Check 'em out. They're all awesome if I do say so myself. Hey, some of the bloggers even have vocabulary beyond the word 'awesome'. :)

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