Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ponich Family Update!

Hello All at Give 1 Save 1 Africa!!
The Ponich family checking in!!
We have been home for 3 AMAZING months with our daughter Zadiya!
She is doing well and just turned 2, it is still hard to believe the journey our family has been on over the last year, and we couldn’t be more grateful to you guys at Give 1 Save 1 and our friends and family who supported us!  We are so thankful for the adoption community who all pull together to help each other out, one month they are ordering a hat from you and the next you are ordering an ornament from them.  Adoption has brought so much to our lives, and we are incredibly blessed and fortunate in that we have been able to enjoy the privilege of international adoption.
We continue to advocate for Give 1 Save 1, it really is such a neat feeling when a last name pops up that you know gave 1 to your journey and now you get to give 1 back Smile  It truly is a terrific concept!!


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  1. Holy Cow! How cute is she!!! Congratulations, you have a beautiful family.