Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The funnest fundraiser ever!

Hey guys!
So you know The Wallaces? You probably do, and if you don't you should. Well, they're in the process of adopting a little girl, you can read all about their adoption journey here (and you seriously need to go read about it, go on, go!) because it's crazy!

Ok, so they recently announced the crazy way that God lead them to little Glory.  
And they thought up this amazingly fun fundraiser! It's so awesome!  Okay so here's how it goes, Wallace hubby has a super epic beard (see pic) and for just $5 YOU can vote to either have him keep the beard, OR shave it! Whhaaat?! So fun! 

So, would you vote beard? Or no beard? 

Go vote and tell us what you picked!


  1. i voted no beard (you're welcome lindsay), but my own husband cancelled my vote stated that the beard was glorious.

  2. hysterical - that is awesome :)

  3. How am I just now seeing this? Thank you so much guys! Ya'll are awesome and we LOVE what you do!