Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What's your word?

I have spent lots of time over the last few days reading blogs and facebook posts about what peoples 'Words' or 'Themes' are for 2013.  You can check out a few peoples posts herehere and here oh and here too!

The new year is the perfect time for fresh starts and for some of you, it's a brand new year with your little ones at home forever! 

Whether you're adjusting to life at home with your children, or waiting until you see their face for the first time, if you could pick one year to describe your 2013, what would it be?  I'll start, I'm choosing to pursue peace. 

Your turn, let us know what you're choosing.


  1. amen! love this concept and excited to see what this year brings through my word - give!

  2. I really must have crawled out from under a rock. I was reading a book, in which the author picked a word for her year. Wow! What a novel concept, I'm gonna do that...Duh! Everyone's doing it.

    Anyway, my word is Rhema...which, means word. I'm so punny!

    Explained it all on my blog this afternoon.