Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Better Life Bags

Hey guys,
Steph here. First off, thank you SO much for the support you all have shown my family the past few days. I have to admit, it was kinda weird being the featured family, like-weird, but Beth's like "do it" so I did all the steps y'all do, set up a Pure Charity account, started a fundraiser and even filled out our app ;)

Anywho, on another note. Have you guys seen these awesome bags?! Um please, they are adrobs. Like, I want one-today. Last week was my birthday, maybe I can convince my husband, I mean, they are shopping with a cause.

Oh the cause, you'll wanna know that because we're all about that here, (ps, I took this straight from their website..)

"The mission of Better Life Bags is simple:  make lives better!
My family and I moved on purpose to a low income area of Detroit  in 2010.  Because the unemployment rate here is 20%, we have an awesome opportunity for BLB to give back to the community that we operate out of!
We hire women, who otherwise cannot get jobs, to work for BLB.  We rent them a sewing machine and tools while teaching them a skill set that allows them to become a primary or secondary provider in their families.  Most of these women are first generation immigrants from countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and Yemen, so we are also able to provide them with much needed fellowship and friendship as we visit their homes to deliver fabric and pick up orders. That’s not all, though.  From the beginning, Better Life Bags has given 10% of every sale to a low income entrepreneur in a developing country through "

You should go get one, like now..go on... :) 

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