Tuesday, July 2, 2013

selling my stuff.

hey guys,

this is raw stuff coming from the heart today. i hope you don't mind if i jack up your day a little. you know i love you. here we go.

my own husband and my dear friend, tiffany's husband,  worked alot of overtime and saved up thousands of dollars to leave their whole families (single mom for a week, yo) and fly to africa to buy food and clothes to some very vulnerable children. this is called orphan prevention. this makes me tick. this is the stuff that might help a family hold in there long enough to catch a break and stay together, whole and normal. this is what we want!

our little give1 community has huddled around these kids in addis ababa, a place where some of our soon to be children will and have come from. from the very families that are trying so hard to feed themselves and keep their kids, but they can't do it by themselves. they need us and we have it. you might not think you have $40 more right now, but i almost guarantee that you do. you might have to squeeze it, but this is what we want! this is what we, ourselves, are desperate for. how much did you spend on your kids this week? their clothes? did you go to target and buy cheap clothes in red white and blue off the misery of chinese sweatshops? this is not judgement coming from me because you know how i have a love hate with target and it's grip on me! i did. i bought a $30 dress that doesn't even fit well. i'm returning it today! these habits are hard to break and the holes are hard to fill. $40 will by a whole complete outfit for a sponsored kid in greenlight care point and my own husband will fly across the whole world, buy it, and hand it to a child that will wear it every day until they do it again next year. ok, what about groceries? what are you eating for the 4th of july? i spent $72 at HEB yesterday buying snacks, sandwich stuff, and diapers that will cover me for a few days. then $70 at Spec's trying to mix my 'perfect summer cocktail' for my upcoming vacation. $48 will by a whole family 50 pounds of teff and oil. they'll be able to make injera and live for a good while on that.

what can you do without so that others may simply survive? i'm just going to lead the pack here. i'm literally selling my 'stuff' so that these people can live. join me. i'll post your stuff right here. let me start.

if you see something you want, here's what i want you to do. comment on what you like and your email address. you'll simply go here, and choose to give to the food fund or the clothing fund. forward me your receipt and i'll send it to you. if there's something you want to donate to the cause, shoot me a picture at b.cupitt@yahoo.com and we'll get it on here.

sseko clutch, retails for $65

retired sseko clutch, retails for $65

my favorite ever african girl painting  SOLD

ergo baby carrier, sangria, retails for $115  SOLD

(3) 14x14 inch canvases from Papaya, retails at $144

i'm on fire right now, y'all, and i want you to be too. we have a real chance! i will sell everything that i ever bought from anthropologie if it keeps a family together. if it keeps a child with his mother. i will paint all day and i will annoy every facebook friend until every child has a new outfit and every family has a bag of food to keep them alive. i don't want this nasty fake life that leaves all these gaping holes! do you? 

email me. let's see what we can up with to get these kids taken care of. 


  1. Love this more than words can say. I sometimes worry about 'annoying' people on facebook. People are so oober picky and quick to judge who is saying too much or things they can't believe others would post, etc. But, the way I see it, people bug people on facebook about things that are FAR LESS IMPORTANT than orphan care and prevention. I say, preach on, sister friend.

    1. you're so right! isn't it funny what we bother our friends with and what we don't?!

  2. Beth, my tears are pouring, girl! I just returned from Addis Ababa as a member of the Elder's man up and go team. I spent the day with the children of Greenlight, blowing bubbles, jumping rope and sharing the Gospel. I was in love! I have some coffee from Tamoca and earrings bought in Ethiopia as well! Maybe they can be useful! I will email you tonight as well as email some photos so you can see the sweet munchkins again in action! (Did Wynne email you those yet?) anyway, I am so in and can't wait to help out in any way that I can!!!

    1. yay! send me pics!!! i am dying that i can't go this year, but i'm so excited about brandon and justin going and we are so going to get them taken care of. yes, shoot me some info about your trip! and yes, we can totally use the coffee and earrings!

  3. I would love that beautiful painting of the African girl. I've made a donation. I hope you still have the painting. It will remind me of my own two sponsorkids.

  4. sweet! shoot me an email with your address and i'll ship it! b.cupitt@yahoo.com
    thank you so much, donna!