Wednesday, July 3, 2013

selling your stuff.

so yesterday i went a little nuts and tried to sell you all my stuff to feed and clothe a bunch of kids in africa. i was touched by how many of you would be willing to do the same. wynne and jenna and a bunch of others went to visit the greenlight kids a few weeks ago. ashley o'brien sent me an email with some great pics of our kids.

Hi Beth,

I wrote to you on your latest blog post that I was privileged to visit Green Light just a few weeks ago & spend some time loving on the kids there!  I'm so sorry that the photos aren't better...I had some awesome shots but had my phone taken out of my bag in Korah so I lost all of my photos & the pictures I do have are so blurry because those munchkins were having so much fun jumping all around! 

I spent a lot of time blowing bubbles (it was obvious that for a few of them it was their first time ever seeing bubbles, btw.  it had some of them running scared at first!) and the bubble blowing resulted in loads of giggles, lots of tumbles and so much fun!

Although we couldn't speak the same language we sure did make a connection!  Somehow I always end up with the silliest in the bunch & we enjoyed taking tons of goofy photos like the ones attached!

I've attached one photo of almost all of the kids that were out of school on that early afternoon.  I think these kids were all the kindergartners and the rest were still at school.

 The older boy on the right with my sweet friend is still in need of a sponsor.  And FYI, he did not stop smiling the entire time that we were there!  I imagine his face was sore after all that smiling he did!  I think that he probably had the most fun of all.  They were talking, holding hands, playing with footballs & was so sweet.

I am touched by this team coming to visit the kids. I am aching for the little blind boy who still doesn't have a sponsor and so obviously craves a little love. I am softened by the people who have contacted me wanting to sell their stuff on give1 for the benefit of these sweet children.

in case you missed it yesterday, we aren't asking for money. we are asking that you click this link and choose to donate to the food fund or the clothing fund. when you do, just forward me the link with the receipt and tell me what you'd like off the list of stuff up for grabs. my email is

also, i am desperate here, and i'll give you anything you ask for if you'll just click that button and buy a kid a new outfit. buy their whole family food for a month. sponsor one. change the absolute world for one of those kids. i'll give you anything. and so will these sweet ladies. 

ashley is donating her souvenirs from africa. 
some handmade earrings from ethiopia

and a bracelet made by the women of the karamajong tribe in uganda

it's a great perk for doing a really great thing. got something you could part with? email me pics of what you could do without for the benefit of one special child. 

3 yards (44 in wide) new 'ziggy sweet' boutique fabric from timeless treasures of soho. Retail value $36 donated by Beth Yoder

noonday beaded belt, donated by steph nunes

noonday painted cups, donated by steph nunes

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