Wednesday, July 3, 2013

is this thing on?

hey guys,

for the last 24 hours i have checked my email constantly, every 5 minutes at least. going between facebook and email and blog comments and the sponsorship page and the project page. two people have donated an outfit. that's good. i'd do it again in a second.

but i have to say something. where is your fire?! let me show you something. this is one of the least of these.

they are children of the king, just like you. and they deserve food and clothing as much as we do. the way we treat them, or don't, this is who we are. so many people read this and have commented and shared and cried. but two people clothed them. two. 

are we the esther generation or not?! did you read seven or not? was that you that said you'd do anything? and then gave it a thumbs up and went about your business. i'm a little confused. why do we like to read articles like this and cry, and why do you read books like this and think of moving to africa to adopt 13 kids. in ethiopia there are real kids with real faces who go home to shacks made out of garbage and wear one outfit every day and whose mothers may have to sleep with strangers to feed their families... but you could do this so easily. you could press this button and do something, but 2 people did. just 2. and 18 still have no sponsors. my heart is breaking for these kids and these families and i feel like you want to care, but unless you help them, not with a thumbs up icon... help them with your debit card, it just doesn't matter. some of you have been sweet enough to say that you love my heart. if you saw me right now you wouldn't. with this post, i shall be fired from the internet, but i'll go out with a bang! 

ladies, let me say something, since you're probably starting to hate me right about now. your favorite women, jen hatmaker, ann voskamp, katie davis,sarah bessey, jennie allen... all these women that stir you up and light your fire... they really want you to care enough to click the buttons. go ahead and ask them. you can repost and retweet all day. you can cry about it and feel a little guilty, but unless you take action, it's in vain. we want you to care enough to change. you do too, don't you?! i know you do! i know you!
whatever you think you can't live without, look again. you're wrong, i promise you.

and with that, my friends, i retire into a hidey hole. sorry if i offend. i truly am. feel free to tear me up in the comments, i had it coming. but if you want something better, click the bloody button already. look at those faces. 

you guys have been really sweet. you have been encouraging and not mean to me when i totally deserved it. i'm sorry about my premenstrual verbal tantrum. i feel like an absolute brat. i am so sorry and i hope you'll forgive me.

i have a passion for these kids and it kills me that others don't. but since then i've realized that many of you have passions elsewhere and we're all made like that. if we're true to the fire that God puts in us, then we'd all be taken care of. and i'll just do all i can, and i pray that if you're not giving to this cause, then surely you are giving elsewhere, and that's great too. and if you're not giving anywhere, i pray that God puts a fire in you that moves you to action because it actually feels good. and pray for the kids. it won't cost a dime. but they could really use it.

truly, i really am done blogging and facebooking and all that, though. it's just time for a new chapter for me. i just wanted to give you a quick hug and say that i think you're awesome and thanks for not drop kicking me. i adore you. 


  1. I'll be giving....I'm all about orphan care, too.

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    1. you can do that right on the project page, actually! click that link at the top of the post that says 'project page'. it'll take you there. you'll see a spot to fill in how much to donate ($40,$80,$120) and then underneath that is an empty spot. just click that and put anything you want.

  3. Beth - I struggle with this same thing and it's frustrating. Tayden's & McKenna's water well fund has come to a screeching halt. I have an 8 year old and a 10 year old who are passionate about giving, but very few people stand behind them. I've cried to Mark asking him why people don't care about these orphans, about these people without WATER and I pray. I pray that I don't become judgmental and I pray that God multiplies the little that I've given and I pray that my children never give up in their quest to help others have basic necessities. I cannot change the people around me, I can only teach my children to love with everything - their talent, their time and the money that God has made possible for them to earn. You shouldn't be fired - your passion is what we love about you and although, I haven't given recently, I did give right when the campaign opened and if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have even known that these children existed. Press on, my sweet friend.