Monday, July 22, 2013

New Week, New Family - Nunes Edition (and Addition)

Hey folks! So usually Steph is introducing you to our fabulous family of the week, asking you to shower this sweet family with single dollar bills. She's so awesome to do that. Can I just be a teeny bit honest and tell you that writing this blog takes HOURS a day. Responding to emails, scheduling families, working with Pure Charity to make sure everything is smooth, keeping up with past families, scouring Facebook for updates, reading about blogs and shops and all things Africa and fundraising and fair trade and adoption so as to keep you guys informed.... Whew! It's alot of work! And we don't take sponsors or perks or salaries or anything. It's totally a volunteer thing. I'm not telling you that to whine! I'm just telling you to brag on Steph, who does all that with a smile on her face. She's happy to help others any time.

Well, now it's our turn to bless her!  Originally I met Steph as an applicant and eventually they were featured as a family of the week for their Ethiopian adoption. That adoption is still underway. All is good there, and moving along at a snail's pace, just the way it should. But in the wait another child in need of a family was brought to their attention, a three year old boy in West Africa. Of course, they said yes! Now that adoption has been quite different! It's going rather quickly and the Nunes' are busy preparing to be parents - soon! So let's take this opportunity to not only bless them with our dollars, let's also take a minute to thank her for all the hard work and many hours she puts in on behalf of the fatherless and their families.  Give1 wouldn't exist without her! :)

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