Sunday, September 18, 2011

new family, new week. new country even.

that's right, folks! you congo people have someone representing now! go DRC mamas.

so say hello to kathleen and clint. i've had the pleasure of getting to know kathleen over the last few weeks. she's a sweet gal with a heart of gold. here's a bit of her story in her words:

In early April of 2010, through a crazy appendicitis diagnosis, it was found that my body had been “taken over” by endometriosis. Not exactly what we were expecting!

After many months with our fertility specialist, I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure and Clint with Male Factor Infertility. Our hopes for created a new life together were quickly demolished.  Together we have comfort in knowing that God must have something very special in line for us.

Being a step-mom and a foster mom, my heart has experienced what is really means to love. That love doesn’t know a blood type, or DNA. Family is what you make it. I discovered that in a whole new way.

something special indeed. you can read their whole story here. they have been through fostering a sweet little boy (read more here on their blog). And they are now #7 in line for a baby girl and a toddler boy from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Congo is newish in the adoption world and is totally different from Ethiopia in adoption style and culture. so i'm really anxious to dig into that a little more this week and get a little more educated about it. join me. alot of people are going congo now, so let's get familiar! should be fun.

so join me in supporting the ellis family and welcoming their little guy into their lives. say hi and hit that dollar button. let's blast them! let's crash paypal like the target site on missoni day! who's with me?! i know paypal is a pain in the butt, but i timed it and the whole process should take less than a minute. one dollar and one minute. that would mean the world to this family.

***as a little side note about the dollar mob: i had to take down the official dollar mob button for a while. i have to get all through the nonprofit process which might take me a little while, so until then we'll have to do it the old fashioned way and just subscribe to the blog so you don't miss a dollar shower. sorry about that. i'll get the dollar mob officially squared away as soon as i can. ***

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