Thursday, September 1, 2011



man, that's so true. have you ever had moments of precious peace when your bank account is telling you that you have every right to freak out? it's a fairly regular occurrence for me this year! we spent the first few months of the year paying for taxes. then vacation. and now adoption. tight budget year. but i have learned through awareness of how much i truly have and how much others truly don't that i am beyond ridiculously blessed to even have a bed tonight. and to have the problem of too many calories consumed. :)

the wayman family has been so appreciative of every dollar that they have been given. they have been really sweet. but as your blog host, i gotta tell you. they have brought in $35 dollars this week. um, ouch. obviously they would never tell me to say anything bad about that. they really really are thankful, but I just think maybe we could do a little better for them. is that tacky? sorry. if you think it's tacky, be mad at me. i just thought maybe you guys should know that though lots of people think the premise of Give1Save1 is awesome, it just doesn't really work the way it's supposed to unless you give 1. you know what i mean? you have to part with your dollar or it's just a nice thought. now, the waymans are attuned to their abundance, very much so. if we don't raise money for them it's going to be ok. they're still going to adopt baby Hayes. but i think we can come together and really support adoption in this so simple so tangible way. don't you?! who's with me?!  (*now i'm picturing armies of mommies at computer screens issuing battle cries!*) hit that button guys! their time is almost up!!!

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  1. Yes, out of our abundance we can give freely and filled with joy! let's go!