Sunday, September 4, 2011

say hello to the willets

hey there! happy labor day weekend! i bet you're grilling something right now, right?  well have fun with it. a day off is always good. so let's get down to business. ready for a new family?! good. then say hello to kat and jeremy willet. the name might ring a bell as they are both in the public eye. jeremy is the lead singer of willet (check them out here ) and coauthor of carried (check it out here) and kat is a field agent for  the hunger strike (check it out, seriously). they have been working hard to bring funds and awareness to adoption and famine relief in africa through various means. right now jeremy is touring and kat is a missionary in uganda. adoption seems like a truly natural route for them to take and they have been waiting for their referral for a baby boy. they have saved, worked, and received grants to put towards their adoption, but have not quite made it yet. do you think we can help them wrap it up? good, me too. well, you know what to do. donate your dollar over there on the right hand side of your screen. i know it's a pain to go through the paypal hassle, but really each dollar when they start accumulating add up. and adding up is what we're going for here. so tell your friends. spread the word. i can't wait to tell you guys that we did something big this week!

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  1. Hey guys! So cool what's going on in your family right now. Man, I wish I could be in Uganda with you. I spent a semester in Kenya in college and will never be the same. Prayed about going back--begged God actually--and He said no. For now at least. We shall see what the future holds. I'm not giving up! In the meantime, though, He laid something else on my heart with another adoptive Mom. See for yourself at Right now we're working on raising money to start a school in Addis Ababa. We shall see what God has in store. Blessings to you and your growing family!