Sunday, September 11, 2011

sweet sleep: our first project!

hey guys! i hope you had a good weekend. so let me tell you about a few things we have going on. two new things:

1. now you can officially join the Dollar Mob and make sure your dollar makes it's way over here every week (even if you don't). i know not everyone wants to read about africa and adoption all day, but you still want to play a part. or maybe you just don't get online all the time. or whatever. i know how it is. but if you join the Dollar Mob over there on your right hand side of the screen, $1 will come out of your paypal account each week and go to the family or project of the week.

2. so now that we're rolling i'd like to introduce you to our first project. we'll be doing one a month. so now you can expect $1 a week to go to a family adopting a baby, an older child, siblings, and a project. so there we go. ready to meet our first project? me too. jenn and chris have been waiting and waiting for their referral for their baby girl. but while they wait they're never  quite content to just chill. these guys are ON all the time. they just got back from a mission trip and have their hearts set on a particular orphanage, the Noel orphanage. right now their greatest need is beds. i'll let jenn take over:

Every night, there are children who lay their heads down to sleep on the ground, children who curl up on old, dirty mattresses, children who sleep with multiple other children on small mattresses. Most children living in orphanages do not have even the smallest amount of space that belongs to them, a bed. Sleeping on a sagging or misshapen mattress adds tension to a child’s joints because their bodies rest on the mattress for hours at a time. These injuries to their bodies only make them weaker. Old mattresses or scraps of foam are breeding grounds for bed bugs and allergens that contribute to startling increases in respiratory diseases, including asthma as well as rhinitis, eczema and bed bug bites. When children continuously do not get enough sleep it affects their health, makes them tired during the day, hinders their ability to do well at school and leaves them more prone to disease. (Info from Sweet Sleep)
In Proverbs 3:24, we are promised: “When you lie down you will not be afraid; when you lie down your sleep will be sweet.” That promise is not only for you and me, but also for these little ones. He loves them, He wants them to lay down at night knowing that they are loved and protected, that someone cared enough to ensure that they would have sweet sleep. My next few blog posts are going to be about a place in Rwanda that has completely captured my heart, the Noel Orphanage, which is home to over 600 children. Many of these children sleep 2 and 3 to a bed. Right now, Noel needs 50 new bunk beds for the girls and 20 new cots for the toddlers. Each bunk bed cost $135 and each toddler cot cost $65. (pulled from jenn's blog, pure and lasting.)

ok, beth again. i think we can at least come through for a couple of beds, don't you? the Dollar Mob is gaining in strength and numbers! let's make a difference to these kids and get them a good night's sleep! you know what to do. blast that paypal account. the 'donate now' button on your right will allow you to donate, um, you know, now and ONLY now and for however much you want. the 'join the dollar mob' is for $1 every week. so choose however you want to give. you can do both, too! so ready, go!

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