Sunday, September 25, 2011

new week, new family: say hello to the mowens

you guys, i would like to introduce you to a really cool family with a really special heart. say hello to the mowens. tara and brad adopted little mr. jacob last year from ethiopia. isn't he stinkin' adorable?! well, while they were there they got to meet so many other children and developed a heart for the older children and the sibling sets. you see, siblings are actually quite hard to place. and the bigger the sibling set, the harder it is to find homes for the sweeties. well, the mowens are up for the challenge. pretty much immediately after the completion of their first adoption they got started on the next one! they are now being approved for a sibling set of 2-3 kids ages 0-10.

We just brought our son home from ET in May and couldn't wait to get started again. We fell in love with the older children while we were there and can't wait to see who God has for our family!

you've just got to read their letter from mom. this is a truly amazing family! usually we're raising funds for one kid, but this week the mowens are trying to bring home possibly 3! going from a house of one baby, to 4 kids is brave and bold and will take all kinds of organization, patience and planning. it's not always going to be easy. but WE can do something to lift a burden for these guys and let them focus on the important stuff. so go ahead and give. and then spread the word far and wide. maybe this is our Break $1000 week!

donate over there on your right. the top button goes right to the mowen family this week. so do that if you want to give more than $1 or if you just want to give to them. right underneath it you'll see the Dollar Mob. that will sign you up for $1 every week automatically. it's new and i'm going to update it daily. right now it's a little embarassingly small but we can get those numbers up, right?


  1. So proud of my Niece and Nephew for trusting the Lord for their children.

  2. ha so my mom is the other one who has commented! since it wont let me comment on your blog tara im commenting here... tears fill my eyes as i read your post. yall have been heavy on my heart all day. i love you and am so blessed to call you family. praying you along your journey!!!