Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Fever

seven slings

Well, guys, you've been here with me from the start. You've seen me have my heart set down 12 different paths. And now we have our path and we're in the wait. And here's a little something going on in my head. We're waiting for a 0-5 year old girl or a 0-2 year old boy. The approval for the 0-2's is built in, but the request for the 0-2's is new. What is up, you ask? I have no idea! I am NOT a baby person. I did not enjoy pregnancy or babyhood much. I gained 60 lbs both times (and no, they weren't 50 lb. babies, either). I had to evacuate my home both times for two separate hurricanes! I did not enjoy nursing. I did not enjoy waking up 4 times a night. Maybe I'm a freak. That's just how it is for me. BUT, lately I've been baby craving. Maybe it's that my youngest is now looking at 4 and my memory is getting foggy. But we just wanted to open our range up as wide as we could to see who God wants to put in this family and not be too limiting. Our wait could be 2 days or 3 months, we still don't know. And we now have no idea if we'll end up with something like an 8 month old boy or a 5 year old girl or anything in between. But here are some goodies I've been eyeballing. Baby fever, anyone? yellow and navy flower baby

Quilts by Namoo


  1. There are so many cute things for babies!

  2. the very best advice i could give any prospective adoptive parent is to put down those words: either gender, any age.

    either you trust Him, or you don't.

    and He can be trusted!!!

    we thought two boys, ages 4-8, would best fit our already family-of-five.

    but He nudged us and said, "do you trust Me?"

    so we wrote down those words.

    and He gave us two girls, under 2. He is funny! and mysterious. and good. and worth trusting.