Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Week, New Family

Hey hey everybody! How was your weekend? Anybody freaking out over Once Upon a Time tonight? I'm getting in the zone.

Ready to meet our new family of the week? Me too! This week we're hanging out with the Hill family. They (and their two little boys) are waiting for a baby girl from Ethiopia. Won't you consider helping ease that financial burden? I've been reading the most interesting book called Almost Amish and it teaches about the lovely bits of Amish culture, one of which is the way they support each other financially. It sort of reminded me of us, how we're all in the same boat, but sort of pass around the funds to those who need them at this time or that time. And I'm totally not Amish, though I sort of secretly wish I was (an unfortunate wish for a blogger), cause then I could make bread and hang my clothes, but anyway... My weird Amish point is that we should support this family in brotherly love and help carry this. Want to? Let's. Donate away.

***Here's where we'll keep our running total, which right this second is $5,844.56! A record-breaking week!***

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