Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wait on the Lord

Psalm 27.14

I love this little gem that I found on Pinterest the other day. But I can't track down the source. Any clues, anybody? I just love it. Anyhoo, I found this appropriate today. Are you feeling the weight of the wait? But are you feeling the strengthening of your heart, too? Yeah, me too. Press on, my dears.


  1. Well the good news is I found it. And the bad news is it doesn't look like it's being sold right now. Maybe contact them?

  2. thank you!!! sweet! i'll email them!

  3. Yep feeling the weight of the wait talking to others but was unexpectedly and especially full up...thank you God and Beth for reminding me it was Him working through me who was encouraging others because I didn't have it in me! Strengthened for another day!