Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We Hear You!

Yesterday we asked what you'd like to read more of on here and there was a resounding cry for updates! We hear you, and we've got some great updates for you. One of our own bloggers, Missy, is home with her babies this week!

If I could give any of you a taste of the the joy that has descended on this house, there would be NO more orphans. Everyone would fight over this opportunity, or to be chosen for this gift. The waiting list would be decades instead of months. It is LITERALLY Heaven on Earth in my house. And to think that if 7% of professing Christians adopted one child, there would be no more waiting children. If God prompts your heart to follow this path, consider yourself blessed and chosen.

Keep up with the Roepnacks on Missy's blog, the Oasis. She always has gems of wisdom.

And have you donated to this week's family, the Nunes? They are at $507 so far. Every dollar helps!

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